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Fact Sheet                        KEARNEY COMMUNITY HALL                     January 05 2022



4444 US Highway 87, Banner, WY 82832.


Located roughly 5 miles south of Story along US Highway 87, in Johnson County, WY.


IRS Tax Exempt Status, 501(c)(3), January 29, 2014, Employer ID Number 46-0818080.

The land (now nearly 2 acres) is deeded to the 501(c)(3).

Current Management by Kearney Hall Board:

Courtney Caplan   President                        

Rick Pallister         Vice President/Secretary

Scott Gall             Treasurer

Larry Brannian      Member

Tracy Carlin          Member       

Jacob Gay            Member

Joe Foss               Member

The Kearney Hall Board has no paid staff. Board members coordinate tasks as needed, and rely heavily on volunteers, partners, fundraising, hired contractors, grants, and donations.


The purpose of the Kearney Hall Board is to restore and operate the Kearney Hall for year-round community use by current and future generations. July 30, 2012  



Constructed in the early 1950’s on private land, managed by a “Kearney Community Club,” and used for dances, reunions, weddings, socials, voting, various club programs, and other events.


It is said to be the third “Kearney Hall” in a valley rich with history. Last used in the early 1990’s and needing maintenance and repair, the building was essentially abandoned. In 2010 a small concerned local group began serious discussions that led to organizing an effort to resurrect the Hall so that it could once again be used to serve our community and region. The current Kearney Community Hall Board formally met for the first time in July, 2012.


We developed a vision, a long-term plan, conceptual drawings, and cost estimates. We re-roofed the building, replaced the electric service, repaired gas lines and heaters to restore heat to the building, repaired the fireplace. In 2017 we secured ownership of the property and increased available space for off-highway parking. We installed new windows and doors. We added a new ROW fence and off-highway entry portal with a unique hand-made pole gate and custom welded sign (all donated). We added indoor bathrooms, water-pumps and storage, a septic system, and a wrap-around covered deck with rain gutters.


Fundraising efforts have included applying for grants, holding dances and pie auctions, making

personal contacts; direct mailings, work days, and a quilt raffle. Contractors, suppliers, and individuals have donated labor, materials, fencing, roofing, pies, auction items, and cash.

Initial 2013 Cost Projection was:

$ 386,430

Dollars Generated by 12/31/2021:

$ 197,622

Non-Monetary Contributions:

$ 166,319

Remaining Project Cost Projection:

$  124,700


We’ve begun to resume use of the Hall on a limited basis by partners, generating income and awareness, even though renovations are not entirely completed. Covid 19 has limited use.


Remaining tasks include: 1) Decking soffit, steps, exterior painting, insulation, lights; 2) Leveling the remainder of the parking area; 3) Bathroom lights and shelves; 4) Kitchen triple sink, counter, cabinets, freezer; 4) Hall outlets, lights, fans; 5) Refinishing the dance floor, painting interior walls; 6) Exterior insulation; 7) outhouses, outside storage, firewood storage, playground, horse shoes, outdoor grill, picnic area, landscaping, sidewalks; 8) Tables, chairs, sound management, sound system, projector, screen.


Priorities are the parking, outhouses, storage shed, triple sink, kitchen cabinets. Renovation is limited by dollars. We are always adding to a willing and capable volunteer labor pool, but are seeking cash for materials and continued contractor support.


Contribute, participate, or learn more here at, ‘Kearney Community Hall’ on Facebook, email

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