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Total funds raised to-date

$      184,807

Total non-monetary contributions to-date

$      157,502

Total dollars spent to-date

$      160,097




Dollars Raised 2020

$       47,664

Non-monetary contributions 2020

$        17,397

Dollars Spent 2020

$       37,436



– Because of the Covid-19 pandemic most events were cancelled, postponed, or not ever scheduled.

- The Kearney Community Hall Board held 3 formal meetings in 2020.

- Socially distance-friendly music videos were recorded and posted on Facebook.   

- New Christmas lights were hung on posts outside.

- The web sit was updated & maintained.



- Kitchen, storage room, and meeting room floors are completed; shelves and hangers in the storage room.

- Original dishes were returned to the kitchen.

- The deck surface was constructed along with concrete bases for steps, handicap ramp with handrail. A great group of volunteers stepped up to help out. Donations of labor were made by Carlat Construction, Hanson Trucking, Carl and Lois Madsen, Rick Pallister, Jacob Gay, Grant Dybdahl, Larry Brannian, Roger Sanders, Jack Clarendon, HB Puckett, Dave Clarendon, John Matejov, and David Romtvedt.

- As part of deck work, the front (meeting room) door was trimmed and re-set, & the northeast roof over the deck was finished along with the access ramp and railings.

- Contractor Scott Madsen worked intermittently throughout the year at an hourly rate

- Scott Gall was on site most of the time when contractors were present


Next steps in renovation, by Priority:


- Programable door lock

- Facia on roof, roof trim, gutters (protect wood trim)

- Level & gravel parking area

- Outhouses

- Outbuilding for storage

- Kitchen triple sink, counter, cabinets, freezer

- Bathroom fixtures, mirrors, shelves

- Deck soffit, steps, exterior painting

- Lights and outlets outside & in the hall, and fans

- Refinish dance floor & paint interior walls

- Exterior insulation, DRYVIT

- Playground, horse shoes, outdoor grill, lounging/picnic

  area, landscaping, sidewalks




Fundraising sources for 2020:

- Johnson County Recreation District Grant

- Kearney Community Hall “Use Donations”

- Donations from Individuals with “match’ incentive


- MDU Resources Foundation Grant

- Wyoming Game and Fish Commission License Authorization

-The Homer A. & Mildred S. Scott Foundation has committed to award us a $1,000 grant in early 2021

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