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Total funds raised to-date

$      197,622

Total non-monetary contributions to-date

$      166,319

Total dollars spent to-date

$      176,092


Dollars Raised 2021

$      12,826

Non-monetary contributions 2021

$      8,818

Dollars Spent 2021

$       16,002

Dollars generated through Hall Use-donations (rent)

$          5,325


General Management:

- The Kearney Community Hall Board held three (3) formal in-person meetings in 2021. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic and the need to avoid direct person-to-person contact, most communication was via telephone, text, and email.

– Many events that had been scheduled for the Hall were cancelled or postponed, as reflected in the 2021 event calendar. Brannian Auction continued to use the hall primarily for storage of on-line auction items and load-outs. One live auction and some private events were held, including music socials on the deck and in the meeting room.

- The Board continues to administer and refine the Booking Application, a Rate Schedule, and a Rental Agreement.

- I have revised updates of a ‘fact sheet” for distribution.

- Our web site is maintained by volunteer JoAnne Puckett, and now includes an accessible event calendar.



- The roof over the handicap ramp was finished. Concrete was poured for steps and a ramp.

- The north portion of the parking lot was leveled and graveled. Work began on moving rock and shaping the south part. Equipment and labor donated by “The Fiddling Songbird”, Mark Paninos, of “Red Road Landscaping”.

- A marmot invaded the pump room downstairs and did considerable damage. The room was further sealed.

- Soffits, facia, and trim were finished. “Powder River Seamless Gutter” installed rain gutters at a helpful discount.

- Stanley Sanitation of Story hauled garbage, and will partner with the Hall.

- Contractor Scott Madsen was hired to complete specific construction projects.


Next steps in renovation, by priority:

- Level the remaining parking area

- Outhouses

- Outbuilding for storage

- Kitchen triple sink, counter, cabinets, freezer

- Programable door lock

- Bathroom light fixtures and shelves

- Exterior painting

- Lights and outlets outside & in the hall, and fans

- Refinish dance floor, paint interior walls, hang quilts

- Exterior insulation, DRYVIT

- Playground, horse shoes, outdoor grill, lounging/picnic

  area, landscaping, sidewalks



-Individual personal contributions including a Stacy Page memorial.

- Rental fees.

- A dance and social as a major fundraising event was planned for September, but was postponed due to Covid 19.

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