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Total funds raised to-date: $76,008

Total non-monetary contributions to-date: $94,223

Total dollars spent to-date: $54,759



- The Kearney Community Hall Board held four formal meetings in 2017

- We worked with Dennis Kirven and Red Path Ranch to conduct survey, county subdivision process, and agreement followed for deed. Contingent Deed with Reverter and Purchase Right was recorded for 1.89 acres. It “replaces and extinguishes that certain easement from Karl Hepp, grantor, to Kearney Community Club, dated July 13, 1956…” which authorized use of the Hall on the .8 acres upon which the Hall sits. This additional acreage will accommodate a septic system and parking.

- On two occasions the painted “E” on K-E-A-R-N- “E” -Y on the Hall was painted over with white paint.

- Neltje and Cynthia Gray resigned from the Board. Rick Pallister & Kate Yupuncich came onto the board.



- Dave Ramsey cleaned the old gas stove in the meeting room. It is good-to-go.

- Larry Brannian, Dan Gay, Jacob Gay, Courtney, and Scott mowed the grounds.

- Jerry Shane added another outside light to put us in compliance with our insurance carrier.

- Larry Brannian and Scott temporarily moved fencing in preparation for septic excavation. 

- Agreement with Reiman Corporation to complete excavation in return for their use of the parking area.

- Mike Bingham, Levi Gossard, Travis Geis, and Matt Lawson from Powder River Energy contributed a community service day to install the gate posts that were donated by Red Path Ranch.

- WYDOT constructed the ROW fence.

- Septic system was completed as planned with Reiman doing excavation, Rocky Mountain (Dan Rogers & Leon Peringer) doing install and fill, Scott Madsen stubbing out the outhouse drain, water and electrical.



- Individual contributions

- Third Annual MID-WINTER CELEBRATION Dance & “Edible” Auction at the Johnson County Fairgrounds

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