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Total funds raised to-date: $43,353.03


Total non-monetary contributions to-date: $49,518.37


Total dollars spent to-date: $32,797.09



- The Kearney Community Hall Board held five formal meetings in 2015

- We located the original 1956 easement, recorded it with Johnson County, and the old Kearney Community Club assigned it to our Kearney Community Hall 501(c)(3). This secures our use of the site indefinitely.

- We received a ‘Historic Restoration/Interpretation’ award from The Wyoming State Historical Society.

- We acquired liability insurance.

- We began an oral history project.

– We hired Valerie Spanos to assist in planning and writing a grant.



- We tested and evaluated the water and well. A cistern for potable water remains an option.

- We learned there is no septic system. Nelson Engineering designed a system, approved by Johnson County.

- We acquired a State Electrical Permit, had the electric meter upgraded. We set up temporary outside outlets for construction, turned power on, and are began incurring a monthly utility bill.

- The old east entry wood porch was removed; a new deck roof was constructed with insulated roof panels.

- We coordinated work with the State Department of Fire Prevention and Electrical Safety.

- We consulted with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture Consumer Health Services regarding kitchen and bathroom design.

- We coordinated with MDU for natural gas service.



- Individual contributions

- We held a February 28, 2015 benefit dance

- Cash contributions have come from numerous individuals, trusts, and foundations.

- We applied for grants with the Scott Foundation, the Tucker Foundation, and the Wyoming Community Foundation.

- We had dialogue with banks and numerous other potential contributors

- Over 150 individuals, contractors, and organizations have contributed time, labor, materials, or cash.

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