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Total funds raised to-date: $108,334


Total non-monetary contributions to-date: $119,385

Total dollars spent to-date: $85,601


Dollars Raised 2018: $32,326


Non-monetary contributions 2018: $25,103


Dollars Spent 2018: $30,842



- The Kearney Community Hall Board held four formal meetings in 2018.

- The screen was unveiled. It looks great!

- We interviewed with the Sheridan Press.  The story ran Saturday December 1, 2018.

- Kate Yapuncich got our web site up and running

- We initiated discussions with the Fort Phil Kearny Superintendent regarding an agreement for their use



- The priorities have been (1) doors/windows and (2) bathrooms with water

- Contractor Scott Madsen worked intermittently October through December at an hourly rate

- Contractor Ken Huckeba worked for an hourly rate for 1 week in November

- Scott Gall was on site most of the time when contractors were present

- Ramsey Enterprises, Carl Madsen, Rick Pallister, Doug Brothers, and Jacob Gay donated labor (apologies for any omissions).

- Parker Glass sold us doors and windows at cost, and helped install them.

- Behrend Construction donated labor for window demolition/door installation.

- Michael D Thomas, his son Matt, and Joe Foss constructed and installed a new gate

- Adler Welding manufactured and donated a new overhead entry sign

- Powder River Energy installed the new overhead entry sign

- Shane Electric added lighted emergency exit signs at doors

- Victor Yapuncich donated a piano & tuning by Don Cherni.

- Volunteers and contractors completed door and window related concrete work and calking

- Doors were trimmed and can be stained and finished. Windows were sealed.

- The old east entry door and threshold were removed and the opening sealed with block.

- Outside block on doors and windows was primed for paint as needed.

- ADA Bathrooms were framed with plumbing vents in place.

- The south kitchen wall was moved, squared up, closed off, and refaced with repurposed knotty pine.

- The old bathroom was converted to a utility room with a new access trap door to the basement

- The warped header over the kitchen counter was miraculously straightened.

- The old rotten floor and ceiling tiles were removed in the kitchen and meeting room. Both are to be replaced.

- New thermostat wire was run for the meeting room stove.

- Gas pipes throughout were realigned with new valves, and pressure tested.

- Two new access entries to a crawl space were cut in the concrete, openings framed, and dirt excavated.

- Plumbing drains and feed lines were completed and protected from freezing.

- A meeting room hearth was built and stove re-installed and vented, ready for gas.

- The north overhead heater in the Hall was hooked up, vented, and is ready for gas.

- The dirt-floor basement was cleaned, lights installed, and pea-gravel spread.

- A rack was constructed in the basement upon which to mount the pump, softener, heater, etc.

- The wood meeting room floor was filled & sanded.

- The property boundary fence was moved by Powder River Fencing (donated – Thanks Vic!)



Immediate To-Do Priorities:

- Purchase and install water pumps, water heater, water treatment, and water storage in basement.

- Rough in electrical: lights & outlets, bathroom heaters, ceiling fan, kitchen outlets, hall outlets & fans.

- Finish walls, ceiling, and floor in bathrooms and meeting room. Select and purchase fixtures.

- Hook up the gas; turn on the heaters.

- Construct landings and steps for access to the building at all 4 doors. Begin the deck.

- Remove the old east concrete stoop and shape the parking area.




- Individual contributions

- Quilt raffle

- Johnson County Recreation District grant

- Johnson County 1% grant

- Father’s Day Open House and Pie Auction

- Doug Brothers donated a rifle sold at Brannian auction

- Kearney Community Hall “Use Donations”

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