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Total funds raised to-date: $137,046

Total non-monetary contributions to-date: $136,837

Total dollars spent to-date: $122,654


Dollars Raised 2019: $28,562

Non-monetary contributions 2019: $15,183


Dollars Spent 2019: $38,070


Dollars generated through Hall Use-donations: $1,817



- The Kearney Community Hall Board held six formal meetings in 2019.

– With running water, bathrooms, and heat we hosted several events, generating some income.

- Linda Foss donated metal folding chairs with storage rack.



- We focused on (1) bathrooms with water and (2) the kitchen

- Contractor Scott Madsen worked intermittently throughout the year at an hourly rate

- Scott Gall was on site most of the time when contractors were present

- Shane Electric, Ramsey Enterprises, Carl Madsen, Parker Glass, Rick Pallister, Doug Brothers, and Jacob Gay donated labor (apologies for any omissions).

- We had gas turned on and began to heat the building.

- We framed, wired, and plumbed new bathrooms.

- The ‘basement” was wired, plumbed, insulated, heated, with sump drain. Well housing was reconstructed.

- We replaced ceilings in the kitchen, bathrooms, and utility room, and insulated above them.

- Floors in kitchen and utility room were tiled. Wood floors in bathrooms and meeting room were refinished.

- Kitchen shelves were added. A donated kitchen stove with hood was installed.

- We carefully saved and repurposed all the old knotty pine, to retain the look of the old Hall.

- Bathrooms and kitchen hood were vented. Dance hall floors were patched.

- Exterior walls inside kitchen, bathrooms, meeting room, utility room were painted.

- Dave Ramsey cleaned the fireplace and completed necessary repairs for use.

- The critters raising havoc in the crawl space were removed. Mouse control measures were implemented.


Next steps in renovation, by Priority:

- Deck, soffit, railings, steps, ramp, exterior painting, fill, insulation

- Level & gravel parking area

- Bathroom fixtures, mirrors, shelves; kitchen triple sink, counter, cabinets, freezer

- Lights and outlets outside and in the hall, and fans

- Refinish dance floor & paint interior walls

- Exterior insulation, DRYVIT, roof trim, gutters

- Outhouses, playground, horse shoes, outdoor grill, lounging/picnic area, landscaping, sidewalks

- Web site upgrade and maintenance






- Individual contributions


- Bathroom Celebration 04/28/19

- Pot Luck & Dance 10/5/2019

- Occidental Jam Tip Jar

- Bozeman Trail Association contribution

- Quilt Raffle

- FPK/BTA Events

- Pot Luck & Dance 12/28/2019

- Johnson County Optional 1% Grant

- Johnson County Recreation District Grant

- Kearney Community Hall “Use Donations”

- Powder River Basin Resource Council contribution

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