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Total funds raised to-date: $1,435.00

Total dollars spent to-date: $14.00



  • The Kearney Community Hall Board held three formal meetings in 2012

  • We organized, formed a board, crafted a mission statement, and established officers.

  • We opened a checking account at First Northern Bank, Buffalo

  • We filed with the state of Wyoming as a not-for-profit entity.

  • We created a letterhead.

  • We entered into a long-term lease agreement with the landowner (unaware of the status of the easement)

  • We scanned some old Kearney Hall photos to begin a historic photo collection.

  • We began a mailing list of interested individuals, generated through word-of-mouth.

  • The building was vandalized in 2012: some windows and the door lock were broken. A marmot found his way into the basement. The roof was leaking and damaging the wood-floor.

  • We researched cost of insurance



  • We developed a list of conceptual ideas for renovation

  • We measured the building dimensions to develop architectural drawings of the existing structure through Brandon Vince.

  • Steve Cropley took steps to protect the structure from additional deterioration by repairing (boarding) broken windows and applying tar to a leaky roof.

  • Lou Galloway gave an estimate to replace and insulate the roof and repair trusses.



  • Individual contributions

  • We looked into applying for a planning grant with the Laura Jane Musser Fund and the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund

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